Introducing Solantu’s limited-edition ultra-luxe bags: the Buenos Aires-based brand specialises in exotic leathers and semiprecious stones.

Made in collaboration with local artisans, the bags feature unexpected materials including wood, alpaca, onyx and crocodile.

Fusing art, design and heritage, the brand’s new collection looks to the aesthetic of the Art Deco era. Recalling 1930s Buenos Aires – known at the time as the Paris of South America – the range features geometric clasps made from semiprecious gems.

We spoke to Creative Director Alexandra De Royere to discuss the marriage between luxury and sustainability and why Vogue Mexico contributor Lorena Vergani captures Solantu’s ethos.

What is it about Art Deco that resonates with you?

“Art Deco has carved the way for many trends. It’s not only the geometric designs that are striking, but also the use of colour. The movement was ahead of its time, sophisticated and inspirational.”

How does Argentina inspire you?

“Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan and sophisticated city, and we wanted to highlight that. Solantu draws inspiration from the city’s history, architecture and art. When you walk around Buenos Aires you see the style; there are so many Deco buildings – the Kavanagh, Empire Theatre and the Metropolitan Cathedral; we’ve reworked elements from these places into our range.”

Tell us about brand ambassador Lorena Vergani

“As well as being gorgeous, she’s extremely talented and involved in fashion, lifestyle and contemporary art, which wholly aligns with Solantu. Additionally she’s an Argentinian living in Paris, perfectly representing the DNA of the brand with a real passion and understanding of what we do, and our influences. She recognised that the company’s roots were deeper than just a premium fashion label. Sustainability and economic development are key values for Solantu, and Lorena is well-versed in Latin America’s ecosystem challenges. She recognised that Solantu was championing change, and she wanted to support our development.”

Describe the Solantu woman

“We design for women who are interested in creating their own fashion, rather than following trends. We’re not a seasonally led company. We produce when we feel inspired, to attract women who appreciate quality, functionality and design.”

How does the Solantu woman dress?

“The spirit of Solantu is about and showing your character, whether you’re dressing down in a T-shirt and jeans or dressing up, playing with patterns and textures.”

How does Solantu champion sustainability?

“We create jobs for craftspeople; we also work with an Argentine farm that is certified by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora and their conservation programs to ensure the prosperity of the crocodile population.”

What’s the most special thing about your bags?

“They really are wearable art. Every bag is handcrafted from one-of-a-kind materials. Our success is built on the knowledge that no one else in the world will ever have one like yours.”


  1. “By purchasing one of Solantu’s products, you are contributing to the Argentine Caiman Latirostris conservation program and to the economic development of local craftsmen and communities that participate in the bag’s complex production process.”

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