The Best Men’s Crossbody Bags to Buy We recommend

Man bags. Murses. Fanny packs. Vaguely European carry-alls. For decades, these terms have been used to describe—and to insult—any men’s bag smaller than a tote. The implication: If you use a bag that’s less than a briefcase, you’re less than a man. But in 2018, the stigma is on its way out. Check any Fashion Week street-style gallery, and it’s clear that what we’ve taken to calling “crossbody” bags are being made everywhere, from luxury-goods houses like Louis Vuitton to the backpack experts at Eastpak. And because street style eventually trickles down to the actual street, you’re starting to see them during non–Fashion Weeks, too. And buried within the trend is a useful lesson: Vanity doesn’t have to be at odds with utility. Dudes are now realizing how wrong we were for depriving ourselves of the style and convenience of a crossbody bag. That’s because they come not only at different prices, but in every color under the sun and in every possible pattern imaginable—and because they’re unbelievably useful when it comes to carrying keys, wallets, phones, breath mints, illicit substances, and anything else that you don’t need a tote for. Frankly, wearing a crossbody feels like unlocking some kind of style secret—that we went this long without wearing them is a mistake. To get you ready to dive head first into the rapidly expanding world of definitely-not-man bags, here are a few of our favorites to buy right now—and a few things you should know before picking up one of your own.

Killer Monogram, Killer Bag

Louis Vuitton messenger bag

One of the highest-degree-of-difficulty (and most-rewarding-to-wear) bags here comes from Louis Vuitton, and not just because it carries a $2,000 price tag. No, this one’s notable because it carries LV’s classic monogram print—the same one featured on women’s handbags, which means it takes style-god confidence to pull off. The sporty color pops keep this bag from feeling too much like a handbag, but ultimately this comes down to embracing the monogram for what it is: utterly, completely iconic. Handled right, it’ll elevate any standard outfit to grail level. Let the haters hate. You’re wearing Louis Vuitton—own it.
$2,250, Louis Vuitton

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