How to Pick the Best Carry-on Luggage

Packing less stuff is only part of what you need to travel carry-on only. It’s also important to have the best carry-on luggage. Your carry-on luggage has to fit within the airline’s restrictions and work well for you. Make sure you know the carry-on restrictions and carry-on allowances for the airline you’re flying. Also make sure the luggage you choose is comfortable and fits with your travel style. Here’s what to look for to choose the best carry-on luggage.

But there are so many options for carry-on sized luggage, how do you choose? It can vary a lot based on your travel style, what kinds of destinations you’ll be traveling to, and your physical condition and comfort preferences.

There are many factors to consider when searching for the best cabin luggage: quality of the materials, how heavy is the cabin bag, hardside carry on luggage vs softside, 4 wheel carry on vs 2 wheels, and even how the luggage looks.

Do you have a favorite airline? The most popular carry-on luggage size is 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches (that’s roughly 55cm x 35.5cm x 23cm), but this can vary by airline or airplane type. There is no standard carry-on size. Review the airlines you fly most often, and pick a size that works best with all of them.

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